What’s up with the boys?

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We’ve been dead for a little bit as we’ve been transitioning to the big city big boy life, but the good news is:

We are writing a play that we will be performing live in all of your favorite Pacific NW venues soon, probably sometime in May. Also we’ve got some vids and songs laying around that’ll probably come out before then too.

more soon thx

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New music video! We made it w/ our bud Sebastien Deramat from Special Explosion and it was a really awesome process. All shot in one day (all shot in one-shot!) from a concept Sebastien came up with. He stayed down at our place in Kelso for two days and we made two vids in two days! It was really fun to put together something so quickly and have it come out this great. Mike just got new camera too (Black Magic) and it’s really cool. Thank you for checking it out!

Head over to http://seacats.bandcamp.com to listen to our new tape “Songs from The Box” that “Liar” is from

Directed by Sebastien Deramat + Mike Davis
Written by Sebastien Deramat
Edited by Mike Davis
Key Grip, AD, prop camera operator by Hannah Schmidt
Sitting in car singing by Josh Davis

if you’re not following it already, go to http://garbagetownusa.tumblr.com for more content from us and our friends

“Songs from The Box” out today!

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Hey Guys! Our new tape is out today! Stream it on bandcamp and throw us a couple dollars if you like! We had a ton of fun making it, thanks for listening!

Songs from The Box – New tape out 8/21!

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Hey everyone, Josh here. Excited to announce that we are releasing a tape next week! It’s called “Songs from The Box” and we are releasing it next Thursday August 21st!


Cover Art by Jordan Cole (work in progress). Here’s a song from it!

You can go to our Bandcamp and pre-order it now if you want http://seacats.bandcamp.com

It will be released on “SOLID GOLD” cassette tapes as well as digitally on our Bandcamp. This also marks the first time I have started pretending that Garbage Town is also a record label! And this newly founded label will be releasing the tape. http://garbagetownusa.tumblr.com

We’re playing a release show live on the internet at 6 PM on 8/21, and we’re also playing a Seattle release show on 8/23!


Here’s the story of the tape:

Mike and I weren’t sure of what we should make next after we made the self-titled album. There was definitely a certain amount (for me at least) of feeling lost and confused about what the “next move” for the band should be. Over the last year or two of the band we had sort of done everything in our power that we were “supposed to do” to “take the band to the next level.” Luckily through making “Songs from The Box” I’ve since realized that isn’t a good way to think about things. Musically, we knew that we wanted to make something a little more “out there” and we had talked about making something that was more of a single continuous piece than the self-titled.

In December of last year Mike got a new quarter-inch tape machine and so we started making a bunch of weird instrumental jams to test out and learn the machine. We never planned on putting any of it out, we were just making them ‘cuz we thought they were fun to make. Then totally separately, Mike and I set up a couple microphones and improvised the intro track to the record. We loved how it turned out (especially after we added the canned audience) and so then we had the idea of doing different weird spoken word stuff over all of the instrumental songs Mike and I had made. We had no plan, just went in and started improvising different skits to each other and those pieces all ended up being the stuff that held the record together.

Then in February we did a week or two of frantic sessions before I was leaving for a month-long tour w/ our buds Special Explosion. We got down basically all of the new songs Mike and I had at the time in those sessions. When we had all of those pieces we realized that at that point we had a whole new album/EP/tape (it’s 45 minutes).


Lots of cool content for the tape coming out in the next week. Thanks for checking it out!



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Hello world, our new docu-drama entitled “SEACATS EXPOSED” is available today. “SEACATS EXPOSED” goes behind-the-scenes with indie-comedy darlings SEACATS, exposing what they are really like when the cameras are off. Things get a lot less funny when the gang finds out they have to wake up at 4 AM to play a show. The band tries to stay together against all odds.



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Picture 6


Recently we started a “collective” of sorts with a bunch of our content creator friends called “Garbage Town.” It gives us a place to put all the stuff we make (together and separate) that doesn’t really fit nicely under the “band/music” umbrella. and it’s sweet to be a part of a content-creating community with your friends and be inspired to make more stuff.

I will be cross-posting some of the stuff over on SEACATS social media, but there’s going to be lots of different types of content over there that you’ll miss if you’re not checking it out.

We just put up a review/discussion of the video game “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” and there are already a couple podcasts up. We’re currently running it through a tumblr blog, so go follow us on there plz

NEW MUSIC VID: “anxiety (dumb things)”

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Today we are releasing the music vid for “anxiety (dumb things).” It’s the first music vid from “THE BOX.” We’re also announcing the pre-order for the box now:


Sebastien filmed me walking on the beach singing the song at double-speed while we were on tour in Florida. The beach was awesome, when I woke up in the morning and first went outside everybody was partying and “amber” by 311 was playing over the loudspeaker. It looked like MTV spring break.

New song premiere + new album announcement on Garbage Town

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Head over to http://garbagetownusa.tumblr.com to check out our new song, and also to read all about our new release, “the box.”

box square

LIVE @ Jupiter Studios Videos

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We are finally releasing these live in-studio videos we did last October. Our great/famous friend/producer Steve Fisk played keys on ‘em and we’re extremely proud w/ how they came out.

Also, don’t forget we have an awesome show this Friday at Vera Project in Seattle!


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Here are the final two episodes in our SEACATS PLAY SEACATS series!