LIVE @ Jupiter Studios Videos

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We are finally releasing these live in-studio videos we did last October. Our great/famous friend/producer Steve Fisk played keys on ‘em and we’re extremely proud w/ how they came out.

Also, don’t forget we have an awesome show this Friday at Vera Project in Seattle!


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Here are the final two episodes in our SEACATS PLAY SEACATS series!

Josh is back from tour/upcoming shows

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Hey everybody, Josh here. Just got back from my month long national merch tour w Special Explosion´╗┐, and boy am I famous now! We saw the whole country (all the most famous spots) met some of music’s biggest celebrities! While I’m here I wanted to remind you all of our upcoming shows:

1: Kelso Gyros Show! Thursday, March 27th at Gyros Gyros/Bowers Down
Event here:

2: SEACATS’ big Seattle/Bellevue comeback show Friday, March 28th at Ground Zero Teen Center
Event Here:

It is a very important show for Elch’s tape release and I hope you will all come support this release that we all feel so passionate about

3: SEACATS return to the Portland 21+ scene! Saturday, March 29th at The Vardis Room


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Watch us play live on KEXP! This was one of our band dreams, we’re very happy to have finally done one so check it out

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“Gossip” is here!

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SEACATS Demos Cover

Today we are releasing “GOSSIP” our demos album. Everyone who has made a digital bandcamp purchase of our record (or a shirt) is getting this record emailed to them as a free gift today. If you purchased the record through any other means and would like to receive a copy, shoot us an email at: and we will happily send you “GOSSIP”.

Making this was really fun, and it includes a bunch of little digital goodies and knick-knacks that document the creation of the album.

If you would like to receive a copy of “GOSSIP,” you can still purchase our self-titled record on bandcamp, and we’ll send it over to ya:

SEACATS big year end round-up

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2013……. It’s been a year of Korn, a new album, lots of new videos, Pitchforks, new friends,Rolling Stones, and most importantly Pizza hut express.

It’s really amazing how long ago some things feel, even though it’s been less than a year…. 2013 has been a busy year for us.


JANUARY/FEB – In the studio working on SEACATS

At the beginning of 2013, we were about 2/3 of the way to finishing tracking the record. Right at the beginning of the year in January we did our final stretch of studio time at the soundhouse in Seattle. During that session we recorded Longer, Jacob, We’re always gonna be cool, Minus World, and Had it Made.

I already feel fondly nostalgic for the period of time when we were in the studio working on the record. The making of the record was an extremely exciting time for Mike and I. We felt the music that we were making at the time was far beyond the level we had in the past, and we were getting to work on it in a real studio w/ a sick producer, Steve Fisk. And to top all that, we were starting to make friends in the big city and we felt like bigwigs making trips to Seattle every weekend. It was really, really fun.

We took some vids of the recording time, and edited some of them into these three behind-the-scenes videos, if you wanna check em out.



Next up we got word from Fin Records that we were going to go to Austin to play at the SXSW festival in March. We were super excited to go on tour so far from home. So I spent the next period of time putting together the best tour I could all of my own accord. It went pretty well, we actually got a pretty solid tour booked:


Mike, Jordan and I were all set to go on tour, but we didn’t know who we were going to get as a 4th member. We considered a lot of options but most everyone we know just was not able to up and leave for 3 weeks for a tour, and we didn’t know who to get, so we just planned to do the tour as a 3-piece band, and tried to figure out how to best be a 3-piece band (and towards the end I think we actually got it sounding pretty good, haha).

Luckily, during this period of time we were also working with our good bud Mikey on what was at the time planned to be a collaborative 7″ split.

**SIDENOTE** What we were working on at the time was actually this song.

Give it a listen if you haven’t yet! and go like Talktin and Easy on Facebook. we are going to be making a full Talktin and Easy record soon so if you like this song go like the page so you can follow us on our journey: LINK

At some point while we spent the weekend together recording the song we asked Mikey if he would possibly be able to go on the tour w/ us, and he immediately said yes and committed, with no hesitation or schedule to be checked. And from there it’s all history.

Right before we left for our tour, we released our 1st music video of the year, and our 1st song from the new record “Wrecked”


It felt so great to release a new song and music video into the world, and luckily the response was great. Hearing some good feedback really meant a lot especially since we had been working on the record in a vacuum since March 2012.

So then we embarked on our tour, and had a wonderful time. We met the awesomest new friends, played many great shows, and saw new sights and most importantly ate new burritos. It was far beyond the level of our previous trips. We made some fun vids on this tour:

The most explosive story of the tour is of course at SXSW when mike was shocked onstage by the PA system and had to be taken to the emergency room. It was a super scary experience, but luckily he was okay and we learned a lot about emergency services……



So in April we released The 7″ Burger

It had two of the songs from the record “Firewood” and “Lately” and so to celebrate we released our music video for “Firewood”:

We had a wonderful release show for the burger 7″ at Lunchbox Laboratory in Seattle, that ended in a cover of Jimmy Buffet’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise” w/ a ketchup + mustard finale on stage:

After we played the show at Lunchbox we immediately rushed over to Silver Platters to play an in-store, but I didn’t have time to change my shirt before we left. When I arrived to Silver Platters my bandmates and the employees all immediately complained of a horrible smell. The combination of my sweat and the (now drying) condiments had created a disgusting smell concoction. Luckily the employees of silver platters gave me a complimentary shirt, and saved everyone from my horrible smell.

We also spent a good portion of time in April hanging w/ Steve at his house and finishing up overdubs and doing mixing on our record.

Oh also, at the beginning of April we had one of our best shows of the year at Make.shift in Bellingham for the Yellingham fest. It ended w/ us paying tribute to MCR (they had recently broken up) and everyone flipped out in the most amazing way

photo by Tommy Calderon


JUNE/JULY – Mike finishes high school and we finish mixing the record

Mike finished his favorite school, high school, and we finished mixing our record w/ Steve. I remember fondly the final session when we listened all the way through the whole thing for the first time at Steve’s house at our last mixing session. Was really cool. Our good bud Sebastien (Deramat) hung out a lot during the process of making the record and was our unsung creative consultant. I also remembered that he sort of conceptualized the album cover by telling us to combine the two record cover ideas we had (The lightning bolt + the baby picture)

We also played some sweet shows in this stretch, including our first time playing at Heartland which quickly became one of our fave places to play. And the first time we played there I had the extreme honor of doing a Weezer-themed interview for Kelton at the weekly


August/September – Tour #2 of 2013 and album release preparations

Tour poster

We headed out on the surprise tour in August and played some pretty sick shows, and had a pretty fun time. On this tour we filmed a video (nearly) everyday of us playing a song from the new record, and called it “SEACATS play SEACATS” you may have already checked a lot of em out, but if not here’s a playlist of all the ones we’ve released so far:

Also, Keenan blogged the whole tour on his blog, it’s a great read:

Finally, when September rolled around we got to start releasing the videos we had made for the new record’s promo.

First off we released our Album announcement/infomercial video:

This was such a fun video to make. Jordan and Christian’s improvs made the whole thing, basically none of it was scripted. And Steve really came through in the clutch and delivered a performance none of us saw coming as the “recently divorced, sad man.”

Next, we released the Music video for “Minus World”

Watching Mike plan this video was really amazing. He took an idea that I thought was sorta crazy and impossible for us to execute at our level of production and organized it so thoroughly that it was really effortless when it actually came time to film the video. (effortless for everybody except Christian Womack, who had to hold the steadicam for 2 or 3 days straight)

Here’s a couple behind-the-scenes videos we put out about the video-making process:

Also, we cannot forget that August also contained one of our favorite shows of the year, Catapult Fest. That our performance at this show culminated in the retirement of our version of “Bohemian Rhapsody” followed by the whole band taking a dive into the ocean

Photo by Wendy Costello

Also, in August our Keys man Justin Salisbury released his first solo record, Doctorthug. Mike produced and mixed it, and we all pitched in to make the artwork for the physical packaging. It is a very special record w/ a lot of love and heart in it, give it a listen here:


OCTOBER – Album release time!

Finally…. we get to release the album. The record is what had been driving everything the whole year, all of our content was at least loosely based on the record and finally….. it was our big day!!!!

To celebrate the release we played some shows w/ some of our best buds



Our show at the heartland was truly one of our most special nights. Steve Fisk sat in on the keys for our recently departed Justin, and all of our friends came out and it really just felt like a celebration of all of our hard work. It was such a fun night and the memory of it will stick w/ me for a long time.

Next up us boys set out on tour again

We had great time seeing a few parts of the country that we had never seen before, and played some really awesome shows.





In November we headed out on the road once more to do a quick trip down to AZ and back up the west coast.

Including a little stop in Las Vegas

We also met up w/ a really cool girl named Clarisse from the radio station at USD and she wrote a cool story on us

Then, in December we played a great couple shows. First, the Fin 3rd anniversary show. Fin has been very good to us, and we are excited for many of the new artists they are working w/ right now.


Then we played a couple shows w/ our buds from Candysound, and we holiday-themed our set by adding Korn’s “Freak on a Leash” as a closer. “Freak on a Leash” ended up being retired from our set at an accelerated pace, due to it being too physically tiring to play.

562019_10152116594585330_1225841501_n Photo by Teo Crider

Finally, this week to top off the year we played a live in-studio at KEXP, check out photos here:

We had a really great experience, it was so fun. It might not seem like much to some people but doing a KEXP in-studio is something we’ve been gunning for for a long time. We pestered them for years until they finally gave in because they were too annoyed w/ us.


So we did it. We made it through another year. We made more content than we ever had. I’m more proud of it than anything else we’ve ever made. Sooooo what’s next??????????

More cool stuff hopefully. We’ve got lots of different plans for the types of content we are going to make next year, so I’m sure there will be plenty. I hope you all had a great year and great holidays, and thank you so much for reading this and checking out what we do. It means so much to us that we have people watching our vids and listening to our music, it is not something we have always had and we are grateful for it.



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Some of you may remember that last christmas we spent the holiday season creating a real-life SEACATS xmas movie. It is now that magical time of year again, so snuggle up w/ your fam, and relive the laughs, the songs and the presents. If you enjoy it, why not share it around and spread the holiday cheer

Thanks to all who watched our livestream the other night. Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays, and to all a good night

SEACATS 3rd annual live on the Internet Xmas special

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FB event:

We’re playin live on the web! It’s gonna be really fun and wildddd! Reindeer games

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We’ve had great first few days since we’ve been partnering w/ our great friends at Pizza Hut express! The partnership thus far is a huge success!

At the Portland show on Saturday Jaydn Turley became the first person to redeem a pizza box for a free album!

And this is a video of everyone at the show at the crocodile last night getting psyched about our new partnership w/ Pizza Hut express! It was a great show w/ a lot great friends, a lot of fans of Pizza Hut express! We also posted this video on vine (seacatsband) if you would like to watch it on a loop instead

Also, I didn’t notice til now but this week a couple people wrote nice things about us (and one of em wrote about our pizza deal!)

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SEACATS Partner w/ Pizza Hut Express!

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Some of you have already noticed and a few have even sent us personal messages wondering what was up with the Pizza Hut-themed flyer for our show this Sunday. Up until this point we have been forced to remain silent, but as of today that all changes.

We are extremely excited to reveal that starting in 2014 SEACATS are partnering w/ Pizza Hut Express!!! Those of you that know us well know that we have been huge supporters of this brand for years, and that this is truly a dream come true for us.

To celebrate this great new chapter, we are having a special merch deal this weekend at our two shows (Saturday 12/14 in Portland @ Laughing Horse Book and Film Collective and Sunday 12/15 in Seattle @ Crocodile Back Bar). If you purchase a pizza at any point between now and this weekend’s shows, you will receive a free copy of our new self-titled record. Just bring your empty pizza box (personal or “express” size only please) to the merch table for a free record!

And this is really only the beginning, we are so excited for the opportunities that us and our fans will get from this in the new year. Get ready for more cool cross-branding, sweet deals, and of course great pizza. This photo is of our celebratory pizza when we got final confirmation of the deal.


More details regarding the partnership will be announced soon!

comment and tell us what you think, and with what your favorite combo at Pizza Hut Express is!!!

PS Huge thanks to Pizza Hut for making this all happen

PPS HUGE thanks to Fin Records for a wonderful show on tuesday, as well as a wonderful 3 years!

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